Event 2021

Korean Craft 2021: All about Attitude

The theme of the exhibition moves away from crafts ‘of humans, by humans, and for humans’ and seeks horizontal and equal relationships between the numerous agents involved in crafting.

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We are living in a moment of extreme crisis in the history of the planet. This crisis asks for a fundamental introspection on humans. Along with the awakening that humans are just one of the many agents in a complex network of life and objects, there are attempts made everywhere to redefine the relationships between objects and nature into a horizontal and equal one.

The attitude that respects and embraces all things other than human is the new ethics and social practice of crafts in this era. At the same time, this may be the way to restore the existence and value of crafts/artists who have been marginalized and isolated by anthropocene and capitalocene.

This exhibition seeks to serve as an opportunity to reflect on both the attitude of crafts and social practices through fundamental introspection on humans that can be sympathized by all the people who are living and suffering in this time of a pandemic crisis.


<Artistic Director> Jaeyoung Kang

<Curator> Yeonwoo Kim, Hyerim Hwang

<Project Consultant> Monica Moonjung Go


Mina Kang, Heeseung Koh, Seulgi Kwon, Seayoung Kim, Joonyong Kim, Wookjae Maeng, Jonggun Park, JongSun Bahk, Yesun Shin, Hyejung Sin, Serin Oh, Kajin Lee, Sanghyeob Lee, Keumhee Lim, Jaenyoung Jang, Hoyeon Chung, Sungho Cho, Hyunyoung Cho, Sowon Joo, Yohan Ji, Rimm Chae

<Hosted by> Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Republic of Korea

<Organized by> Korea Craft and Design Foundation


Jaeyoung Kang (The Artistic Director of <All about Attitude>)

Jaeyoung Kang received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Art Studies from Hongik University. She began her career as a curator at Whanki Museum and later took on the role as the chief curator of Korea Ceramic Foundation. She directed the 25th Anniversary Commemoration <Odd to White Porcelain> (1999) at Whanki Museum, the 3rd World Ceramic Biennale Exhibition <Trans-Ceramic-Art>, and the 4th World Ceramic Biennale Exhibition <Ceramic, The Skin of Asia> (2007). In 2008, she was appointed the co-curator of Nanjing Triennale in Nanjing, China. In more recent years, she was the artistic director of F1963 Cultural Renovation of Abandoned Industrial Properties in Busan, Korea from 2017 to 2018, the artistic director of <Salt: the Soul of color, Flavor and Style> at KCDF, Korea in 2018, and directed Craft Week Exhibition <Beautiful or Useful> at Culture Station Seoul 283 in 2019. Jaeyoung is currently the CEO of Mangrove Artworks and undertakes various projects and exhibitions that cross over diverse range of genres.


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Entry rules

Free entry. Registration required on www.moscapartners.it / Face Mask Required

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